Tradition, quality and fashion quintessence of VITO VERGELIS

Only few companies can dress their customers since infancy till adulthood Moda Wroclaw SA can be proud of that ability. Existing since 1955, Zakład Przemysłu Odzieżowego Moda was located on the Square Market of Wroclaw, and engaged in production of fashion for women, men and children. In 1998, ZPO Moda transformed into Moda Wrocław S.A. still keeping and improving fame of the quality and tradition in the collections for the most demanding women. The choice proved to be accurate, as confirmed by the facts of the last decade.

2000 – Attractiveness of the collection has been confirmed by rewarding Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair. Moda Wrocław S.A. begins cooperate with the best boutiques in Poland and Europe, which have a similar vision of satisfy clients expectations.

2000 – Moda Wrocław S.A. create the exclusive collection for matured women under the brand of Vito Vergelis

2003 – Access of the company to the elite club Gazele Biznesu – the most dynamic developing company

2004 – Rewarding of Złota Pętelka for achievements and style

2009 – Following rewarding of Gazele Biznesu in tenth edition of most dynamic small and medium business ranking

2010 – each season collection consistently confirm that tradition, quality and fashion create prestige of the brand.


We seek „pearls of trends” – VITO VERGELIS Brand

VITO VERGELIS brand is two seasonal collections which is fulfilling the expectations of loyal clients, and continuously increasing its number. The strengths of the collection, consisting of nearly 200 designs, decide excellent skills of designers, technologies, constructors, cutters and seamstresses. All team cooperate to create collections, appreciated by customers, which harmonize continuity of style with the variability of trends.

A woman dressed by VITO VERGELIS appreciate a sense of participation in the latest fashion without the pressure of looking through news in magazines, and finding the most suitable fashion for her. The role of trend seeker is taken by the brand of Vito Vergelis which guarantee to clients sense of appropriateness and attractiveness of every season.

Enduring elements of the VITO VERGELIS collection:
•    dynamic silhouette, updated with the latest fashion influences and trends
•    interpretation if trends consistent with the needs of 30 + group,
•    fabric, which quality and accuracy is ensured by prestige of the factories in Italy, France and Germany,
•    perfect tailoring which ensuring every day comfort,
•    products as from the artistic tailor workshop, now fully benefiting from the achievements of the latest technologies.


We add confidence to self-confidence women – VITO VERGELIS

Vito Vergelis – dressed women with has clearly defined expectations of themselves, the environment, and life. Also – to fashion. Aesthetics and content of collections are derived from the 30 + generation belief that fashion is to make you beauty and attractive in any situation and at any age.

To improve the participation in the fashion for all women VERGELIS VITO brand has developed its own dimensions table and based on that offer sizes from 36 to 50. Thank to this we can spread the message – more fashion!